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Legal Notice

The companyLapelabu SL, hereinafter Lapelabu, is the owner of this website, with registered office at C/ Héroes de Alcántara 8, 47001 Valladolid (ESPAÑA) and with NIF: B47775002, e-mail, or, telephone +34 680 995 754 y 983 35 46 66.

The use of this website attributes the condition of User to the person who does so and implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Notice. If the User decides not to accept any of the aforementioned conditions or expresses any type of reservation, he/she should refrain from using the Website. Some aspects of this Web Page, due to their specialty, may be subject to particular conditions or rules that may replace, complete or modify this Legal Notice, and must therefore also be read and accepted by the User.

All the contents of this website (texts, photographs, graphics, images, technology, software, links, audiovisual or sound content, graphic design, source code, etc.), as well as the brands and other distinctive signs are the property of Lapelabu SLand the user does not acquire any rights over them by the mere use of this website.

Lapelabu SL are not responsible for the opinions expressed by the authors in the publications edited by it, in any medium, nor for the consequences derived from the application to specific cases of the aforementioned opinions of the authors. Likewise Lapelabu SL is not responsible for the comments made by users on the activities, subjects and events made available to them on this website.

It is forbidden to use this website with the aim of damaging property, rights or interests of Lapelabu SL or third parties.

It is also forbidden to make any other use of this website that alters, damages or renders useless the networks, servers, equipment, products and computer programs of Lapelabu SL or third parties.

The user must refrain from: a) reproducing, copying, distributing, making available to third parties, publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the contents of this website, except in the cases provided for by law or expressly authorized by Lapelabu SL or by the holder of said rights; b) reproduce or copy for private use the software or databases on this website, as well as communicate them publicly or make them available to third parties when this involves their reproduction; c) extract or reuse all or a substantial part of the contents of this website. reuse all or a substantial part of the contents of this website. In any case, the use or reproduction of content or databases that is expressly authorized by Lapelabu SL.

Users who wish to introduce links to this website must comply with the following conditions: a) frames or frames of any kind may not be established that surround the Web page or allow it to be viewed through different Internet addresses or jointly with content outside of this Web Page, in such a way that it produces, or may produce, error or confusion in the users about the origin of the service or its content, implies an act of unfair comparison or imitation, serves to take advantage of the reputation, brand and prestige of VALLADOLIDHOME SUITES or its clients or is done in any other way that is prohibited by the Law; b) from the page that makes the link, no false or inaccurate statement may be made about VALLADOLIDHOME SUITES, about the quality of its services or about its suppliers, employees or clients; c) the sender may not use the brand or any other distinctive sign of VALLADOLIDHOME SUITES within its web page, except in cases authorized by law or expressly permitted by Lapelabu SL; d) the page that establishes the link must comply with current legislation and may not provide or link to content that is illicit, harmful, contrary to morals and good customs, or which produces or may produce the false idea that Lapelabu SL endorses or supports the ideas, statements or actions of the sender or that are inappropriate in relation to the activity carried out by VALLADOLIDHOME SUITES, through Cartera Eosa S.L. and its clients, taking into account the contents and general subject matter of the website where the link is established.

Lapelabu SL is not responsible for ensuring that this website does not contain malicious codes or any other harmful computer element that could cause damage to the USER’s computer system or that of third parties. It is the responsibility of the USER, in any case, to have adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of these elements. In accordance with this, Lapelabu SL accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to computer equipment during access to this website. Likewise, Lapelabu SL shall not be liable for any damages caused to users when these are caused by faults or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that interrupt the service of this website.

This website may include technical linking devices that allow the user to access other Internet pages (links). Lapelabu SL has no knowledge of the contents and services of the links and therefore accepts no liability for any damages arising from their lack of quality, outdatedness, unavailability, error, uselessness or illegality and is not responsible for the statements made or the contents or services provided through them. If any user becomes aware that the links refer to pages whose content or services are illegal, harmful, denigrating, violent or immoral, he/she may contact Lapelabu SL indicating this.

The contracting of products and services of VALLADOLIDHOME SUITES, through Cartera Eosa SL as its agent and attorney and registrations for activities organized by itself that the Users carry out through this website, whether for payment or free of charge, entail the necessary acceptance of the general conditions of contracting, which are available on the website. If the User does not accept any of the rules established in the aforementioned document or expresses any type of reservation, he/she should refrain from carrying out any type of contracting or registration through the same.

On occasions, Users who are going to contract a service or product available on the website of VALLADOLIDHOME SUITES, are redirected, after selecting the option “Buy”, “Download”, “Purchase”, etc., to contact addresses or websites of third parties with which Cartera Eosa SL have reached collaboration agreements or of which it has good references or is aware of their prestige. In these cases, the User will contract directly with said third parties the services or products that have been offered on the website of VALLADOLIDHOME SUITES.

Lapelabu SL oes not take any responsibility for the contracts that are made directly through these contact addresses or third party websites and it will be the responsibility of the User, without prejudice to the information that, where appropriate, Cartera Eosa SL on its own behalf or as a principal of Lapelabu SL provides at the time of selecting these services or products, to check the domain of the contact address or website and the identity of the third party with whom the contracting of the services or acquisition of the products is being made, as well as to accept the legal conditions applicable to these.

o these. This Legal Notice is governed by Spanish law, and the Spanish Courts and Tribunals shall be competent to hear any questions that may arise regarding its interpretation, application and compliance. The User, by virtue of the acceptance of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice, expressly waives any other jurisdiction that, by application of the current Law, may correspond to him/her. In any case, if current legislation allows the User to submit to a specific jurisdiction, the User voluntarily submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Valladolid. The User shall be liable to Lapelabu SL and to third parties for any damages that may be caused by breach of these obligations”.