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Car parkings

Another product offered is the parking spaces in our own car park close to the location of the apartment (190 m).
In this regard two rentals are offered:

Fixed monthly rentals,

Renting of parking space area on a monthly fee basis.

Hourly rotation spaces,

renting the parking space by the hour. Electrified parking spaces will be offered soon suitable for the recharging of electric cars.


Per hour,

Price 1,81€ (vat included)

· minimum 3 hours
Additional 1 euro per hour (from the third hour)
· From 10 hours which is considered a full day


Price 105€ (vat included)

· 24 hrs


Daily rate(from 9 am to 9 am the following day),
Price 11,50€ (VAT included)
Night rate for one day from un día (20 pm to 9 am the following day)

Price 11,00€ (VAT included)

Night rate for 30 days (from 20 pm to 9 am the following day, including Saturdays and Sundays),

Price 75€ (VAT included)

In case the time booked is exceeded, such excess time will be charged according to the hourly rate in force.

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